At MyBlend, we work every day for a more sustainable future - all to create the best conditions socially, economically and for the environment. Working solidly on sustainability involves so much more than just striving for a better environment around us. Working environment, social requirements and human rights are further significant aspects we choose to focus on.

Social sustainability

For us at MyBlend, it is important that you as an employee feel comfortable, secure and have a job that is rewarding for you.

It is equally important that our suppliers and partners possess standards for the rights and well-being of employees in their respective workplaces - something we ensure through a so-called "code of conduct".

Sustainable product development

We demand a lot from our suppliers and partners to create products that are well documented and of a high standard throughout the process.

All of our products meet the requirements and directives necessary on the open market - this through several certificates that certify, among other things, the products properties regarding safety in a health and environmental perspective.

Climate compensation

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business and we want to do our utmost to have as little impact on the climate as possible.

We choose to refrain from air freight as much as possible and regardless of the means of transport, we have chosen to carbon offset ALL of our transport.